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This is a heather grey shade that has great highs and lows, giving it more than a standard solid color look. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about any new arrivals, news and promotions, plus:

Denim Coats Swing Coats Pink Coats Black Coats Long Sleeve Coat Casual Army Green Coat Bomber Coat Belted Black Wool Coat When winter and fall arrive, we know is time for put on a parka coats that protects us from the cold and at the same time make us look fabulous and stylish.
Sure, gray wool may be everywhere, but a coat embroidered with beaded floral designs or a funky patchwork pattern sure isn’t. Get the benefits of a gray wool coat with extra pizzaz by looking for a coat with off-kilter details—in a color this straightforward, you can .
Canali Frock Coat Tuxedo. Canali formal suit. Charcoal gray wool frock coat with contrasting light gray striped pants. Full canvas construction. TOP SHELF APPAREL. Smooth hand. Regular fit. 9
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Canali Frock Coat Tuxedo. Canali formal suit. Charcoal gray wool frock coat with contrasting light gray striped pants. Full canvas construction. TOP SHELF APPAREL. Smooth hand. Regular fit. 9
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This Gustin City Coat is made made out of melton wool from Canada. This style is a beefy oz wool. The feel of this coat on is just amazing.

Madder Red - Primarily intended for use on British regimentals. This shade of madder is the most common found on extant British military coats of the mid to late 18th C. This color is matched to three original British Army other ranks coats of the late 18th - early 19th C. Madder Red kerseys were used for Royal Navy slop jackets, and for British breeches from to Dark Madder Red - Based on an receipt, the color resembles brick red. Mock Scarlet - This is slightly brighter than the bright madder red.

Superb for 18th C. British Army serjeants, this is an exact match to a c. Saratoga Brown - Matched to an original late 18th C. This is great for for French made Lottery coats or early war American bounty coats.

Trowbridge Brown - Matched to an original late 18th C. Darker than Saratoga Brown. Pale Jersey Drab - This is referred to as "cloth colored" in deserter, runaway, and other period clothing descriptions. Today you would call this color taupe or camel. Quaker Drab - A common shade of drab for civilian and militia clothing.

Camlet - also known as Camblet, is a fabric characterized by its plain weave and prominent weft rib formed by thicker yarns running across the fabric.

Although it could be made with blends of mohair and silk, the vast majority of 18th C. This camlet is based on originals woven in the late 's and has a worsted warp and two-fold woolen weft. The characteristic weft rib gives it the texture and appearance of the heavy silks used in high status clothing. Camlet was a popular substitute for silk when making garments for the middle and lower class. Common uses of camlet are ladies gowns, petticoats, riding habits, mens warm weather coats, and warm weather cloaks for men and women.

In the home and officers camp, camlet was often used for bed and furniture hangings. Cassimere - also known as Kerseymere, is a medium weight twilled woolen cloth with a soft texture.

Cassimere was commonly used for gentlemens and officers quality waistcoats and breeches. The twill weave allows for a closer fit so it was often used for smallclothes instead of using Superfine.

Bearskin - used for cloaks, great coats, military watch coats. This is a heavy, twilled woolen cloth from hill breeds of sheep. The raised outer surface has a long, shaggy nap laid in the same direction, hence the name Bearskin.

Commonly used for coat linings body and skirt in the British and German marching regiments until Bays is plain weave, with a worsted warp and woolen weft. Warp is the thread that runs the length of the fabric, weft runs between the selvedge edges.

Frequently confused with Baize which has a woolen warp and weft, and unfortunately the similiar sounding names were often misspelt and incorrectly used in period texts. Unlike broadcloth and kersey, where you can lay out your pattern at slight angles to the warp, with bays you should lay out your pattern along the straight of goods ie the warp. This is because the weft is shorter and coarser fibers, and thus relatively weak as compared to the warp.

When setting in pockets, be sure to line around the pocket opening with Osnaburg or similiar fabric. This was done on an early 19th C.

This will help keep the bays from sagging or tearing. Also known as Double Milled Bays or flannel. Similiar to regular Bays, but denser and one side is milled to raise a nap. Commonly used for waistcoats, French underwear, overcoat linings and coat linings in colder regions, furniture and gun case linings, desk covers, and table covers.

Serge is also known as Coarse Shalloon. Serge was also used by the French and Continental Army regiments, and in British standing army regiments of foot after when it replaced bays. Similar to regular Serge, but one side is milled to raise a nap. This cloth was used for French army smallclothes, the smallcloths that accompanied Continental Army French-made Lottery coats, watch coat linings, sleeved waistcoats and jackets, etc.

Similar to regular Serge, but with a tighter weave, lighter, and a glazed finish. This cloth was used to line officers and gentlemens coats made of Superfine. Now available various colors of superfine which is a superior quality plain weave English cloth used by officers and gentlemen.

Beefy 14oz Melton wool sewn up in our versatile City Coat. It's tough to find a better winter jacket that can stay with you through any occasion. This Gustin City Coat is made made out of melton wool from Canada. This style is a beefy The feel of this coat on is just amazing. You sink into its warmth and feel totally protected. The nice thing about wool, even at this weight, is that it still drapes well, maintaining the fitted look of the coat.

The slight fuzziness of the wool gives the surface subtle texture. This is a heather grey shade that has great highs and lows, giving it more than a standard solid color look. This shade was born to go with any denim you can throw its way. Anyone know where I can find? Lainey, I would give this a try- Joanna shares some of the jewelry she's worn on the show on her website. Hope you are able to track it down! I have to say I'm obsessed with Joanna's fashion as well.

It's a red wrap, long sleeve with a flared bottom. I'd be so greatful. I pride myself in trying to track down items and finding things. The key was the removable fur. I do not like that look, and have been pretty picky when trying to find a coat similar to the one she wears, because it had a hood, but no fur.

Key to what I was looking for. Similar, but not it. This one you can remove the hood, but not just the fur. Still not as much as JCrew. This one is by Mango. It does have the removable fur panel as well. Oh my goodness, could you help me find the dark gray sweater with the burnt orange on the upper arms? She wears it both in season 2 and during the Baylor Gathering Testimony video. Katharine - The closest I've seen to it is this girl I follow on Instagram: I don't have TV anymore, so my new season access is limited to other people's houses: Also, I forgot to mention that the grey and red shirt is probably a few years old, so it'd be hard to find the exact shirt unless the company really loves it and keeps making it.

I did find one that I think has a similar feel, but not exact: Crew also has a baseball shirt this year. Does the sweater dress happen to be this coat? I think that's it! Unfortunately it's saying that item is no longer available. I don't know what I can do at this point, but thank you so much for your help! Thank you so much for the tips!

Brad, do a google search for the SKU - you might be able to find it on eBay, etc. The gray coat with hood id the j crew chateau coattail. I contacted the show last year and the told me it was from j crew. I found it on their website and ordered on e in the spring.

They made it again this year. It's cut pretty big and you may need to size down. I am very happy with it but remove the fur. Here is the watch that Jo is talking about. Not a very good picture, but she doesn't wear it very often. You girls are pro's! I want to know where her basic v-necks are from Seems like most have a pocket in the front and the length is longer in the back.

I have been looking for this necklace too but with no luck. Were you able to find it? Anyone know where I can find this tan leather jacket she wears? Joanna's tan leather watch with the black face - for those ladies who were looking - try Throne watches out of NYC. It's the only one I came across that is even close to what she is wearing.

I found several more photos of her online wearing the watch to compare. Could you please help me find the low wedge heels she wears in this photo?!

I would be forever grateful! Jordan - Joanna's navy floral dress in the Instagram link you posted is from Anthropologie - Maeve Evaline dress - http: Also - the shoes - sorry, I just realized you were looking for the shoes in your comment - I believe they may be Steve Madden Neliee strap wedge sandals in tan brown - http: She wears the arrowstack necklace from Madewell pretty regularly.

I love this show as well! I just saw the new episode season 3 Joe is wearing a super cute top, yellow, gray, and white stripes. She's wearing it towards the end of the episode when she's doing the finishing touches decorating the house. I was wondering if you could possibly find what brand it is. Thank you so much! This is a great blog!! She wears it in the design video as well Beach-Style Home Accents: I to would love to know where she gets her tshirts, longer sleeves and not tight fitting v Necks.

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