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We use to print fabric for our own collection there years ago. He just had his 80th birthday. Yorkdale opens at 8am tomorrow though, so I would aim to be at Orfus Road around that time. Anyone know the answer?

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Flaunt your figure in a flattering plus-size bodycon dress, or keep it casual with an easy and effortless skater dress. Our collection of plus-size tops features a wide variety of pieces to pair with your go-to skinny jeans. From dresses and swimsuits to plus-size work clothes and plus-size jeans, we’re a one-stop shop for everything plus, stylish, and affordable.
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Thanks for posting Cathy in Canada which is definitely North. Bless your little heart! Leave off the comment about including all southerners deficit in knowledge because you found one store in the area that gave you a bargain.. But, had the audacity to add that one sentence about people in n the South. We have an old saying: Born south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Raised in California and Seattle. It is sticking to the union of a nation once divided, that has made us a great nation. Lets revel in the great bargains we find while supporting great organizations and good folks. I met husband 3 selling at a flea market.

I bought some tools, stayed to visit and went to dinner with him. That was my best find at a sale. He just had his 80th birthday. He even gets up early to make coffee and serve me coffee in bed most mornings. Its not where your born, but what you become as a grown up that matters. I collect copper items, train memorabilia for my husband and crockery.

Yes, I can identify Lenox. I do know about Lenox; have purchased as a gift. After reading all the comments, started to just leave and be silent. But then what the heck! Nobody likes being thought of as ignorant. That generalization of people is an attitude we all should work on changing. My family has been collecting Lenox forever.

My mother even bought a complete set a few pieces at a time for my niece when she was only 2 years old. Now that is a beautiful set of Moonspun by Lenox and my niece is a nurse with a family of her own. Collecting should be fun as well as finacially rewarding. As a fourth generation Floridian, many of us are very sophisticated, especially when it comes to antiques and collectibles..

So watch out at the next garage sale or flea market, you just might run into a Southerner who really knows what they are doing. Bless your little heart. I am a Southerner and I must tell you all of the folk I know and come in contact with are very aware of Lenox because many of us own several pieces.

I had no impression that people in the south were ignorant until you said that. That was how I felt about the comment. Then they started commenting about something completely off subject. I really enjoyed the post until all the race issue. I will say when I read it I knew that she was wrong. I am from Texas and am well aware of Lenox and have been most of my 66 years. My mother had beautiful antique Flow Blue China.

She collected many brands and found it at thrift stores, antique malls and little country places. I still look for it and find it at thrift stores, where the value is not known. Thank you for this article. I love my Corning ware from the early 70s and my Pyrex from — shades of avocado green! I am looking for a small size as I broke the pot but have the lid. I was in a Goodwill and found my Villeroy and Boch dishes — a whole set.

It was a fabulous bargain! It is rude to say such. Only the self described southerns took that meaning from the comment. I live in the South and yes Lenox is something we do know about.

Definitely something I need to look into…. We started going to auctions a little over a year ago. After going several times we got to know people and wind up having a good time even if we leave with nothing.

I have been a thrift shopper my entire life. I have now turned my hubby into one as well after seeing the stuff I get at great prices, plus you get to browse all the cool and neat old and new items.

Lenox china is an American bone china line. They used to have an outlet in Pennsylvania. Excellent quality, beautiful patterns. Everybody knows, we in the South, prefer Waterford! IF we choose to we can ALL take offense at an offhand comment…. Louis county for 73 years. Southerner feud is stupid and boring. Please get back to the original topics.

Frying pans by a particular mfgr. I pick up stoneware bowls whenever I see them. Southern or Northern, those folks who just donate items regardless of value are the ones we can thank for half the items in our home! I started going to auctions since the auction house was down the street from me maybe 4 years ago.

Since I acquired so much and wanted to sell on Ebay I have learned a lot! I have a good eye for things of value and my thrift store best find was a signed print by an Indian artist whose style was highly unusual. He had only been painting for 5 years when he accidentally shot himself. His name was Jerome Tiger. Now that I am back in the midwest-yeah! Maybe you donate something special to a thrift store because you no longer have an attachment to the item and someone else may appreciate it more.

As for the bargain price, the thrift store paid nothing and felt like passing the bargain along. This is exactly how I feel about it. Love, love, love thrift stores!!! You can find their items all over the store, but those are some of my favorite things to look for. Then of course, just checking the decor area for anything really unique and fun! Regarding Target donating items to the Good Will, Good Will actually purcheses the items by the truck full at a set price.

That is why the Good Will does not discount those items for senior discounts. Do you know how to bring back old tarnished copper? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. According to Martha Stewart, all you need is a lemon and coarse salt: If you try it, please let us know how it works! I use two things to clean tarnished copper; first, I coat the item with a thick layer of catsup.

Let it stand for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Most of the tarnish will wash right down the drain, but if necessary, the catsup application can be repeated.

Apply the paste with a microfiber rag and it will clean up the last of the tarnish. Rinse and polish with a dry towel. I have a wonderful little copper watering can that belonged to my mother. Let set for at least an hour, then rinse off thoroughly. The flour is to help keep the vinegar from running off before it has done its job. I did this to an old copper bowl with brass trim that I found. Now it looks new. School is expensive enough.

I LOVE thrift stores too. I am amazed at how much good and really good china can be found there! I now have a huge…and growing collection of Pfaltsgraff Yorktown China that I use every day. Most pieces were 50 cents each at Goodwill.

Salvation Army and Habitat Restores are also great places. I was surprised how much China was at the Restore. My latest finds have been leather skirts at Goodwill. I have done this as well! Just looked at the piece as a piece of fabric to be recycled into something else! I buy tupperware because I have an unholy talent for melting holes in it.

Small appliances, like a griddle, a crock pot, and a hand mixer. I am successful with vacuum cleaners. I bought 2 in the past 2 years which I cleaned and refurbished and they now service our home and beach place. I have the web page of an online vac parts company and have refurbished these and others from the thrifts in the past 25 years. I always search for gardening stuff and tools too. I have 2 cast iron skillets how do I get them clean,I have an elective g Ass cook top and they smoke up my kitchen.

I put them in my oven at degree but still smoked things up. I have 2 big ones and 4 small ones. For just basic cleaning , I use a little soap I know taboo! You can also use half a potato and salt! It sounds like you might have grease build up on the outside of the pans… back in the day they used to burn the pans in an outside fire campfire pit by burying them in the coals… if you have a fire pit or a BBQ grill you might try setting them on and just letting them stay until the coals cool down… wash well with dish soap and a green scratchy pad, then season as normal… hopefully this will help.

Had grease build up on the cooking surface of my favorite cookie sheet. Thank you my teenage grandson. Sprayed the entire surface, let it sit a half hour. One of my favorite cleaning supplies. And bring along a tape measure and measurements of places you want to fill up with thrift store finds window curtains, shelves, reading nook, etc. Great ideas for what to keep eyes open for! I find lately, at least in my neck of the woods, that some independent re-sale shops are on-to us and our bargain hunting with prices for certain things getting higher and higher.

But, like anyone with a talent for patience, the diamond-he-rough is out there. Keep your eyes open and be patient! Have a wonderful Holiday, everyone!! I purchased a lovely, light blue flowered Laura Ashley curtain set with valance and had the perfect use for them.

I removed the door to our bathroom in our camper we always use the facilities at the campsite and hung one curtain with a sash on the side. The other curtain was cut to make curtains for the windows and cover the valances over the windows. I love thirfting and do a lot of DIY projects so am always on the look out for something to repurpose.

Rusted cast iron griddles can be resurrected to brand new condition! Let sit for a few days for the rust to be eaten off the cast iron. Gently remove the pan from the solution. Discard the Draino water down the drain. The pan will look brand spanking new! Now I collect them for friends. My favorite finds are Hobnail milk glass items and if its Fenton the find is like discovering pirate booty.

I have collects whitemilk glass mini lamps, a frog vase and mini vases. My ultimate finds have been my Fenton s blue milk glass cream and sugar set. Last year I found the matching cruet for 80cents at a Good Will.

It was too good to be true, especially when these items are rare at thrifts stores in LA. I just started collecting milk hobnail pieces. Does this say anything about the quality of the piece?

These are such great thrift store tips. Some I knew about, but many new tips. I am ready to go again. There are no senior citizen days. I love to collect fireking glass bakeware and bowls. It has a pattern too. I even found a cake server.

So funny you mentioned some of these items as I totally feel the same way! I love the old casserole dishes and the blankets are amazing! Even the ones in not so good condition can be refurbished into other things.

Not always keen on cookware from the thrift but for sure I want to add things like a sifter, a colander, baking essentials like a good rolling pin and so much more! They were made so much better back then!

Thanks for the post! Rinse the cotton blankets in white vinegar. Works every time for me. I look around our Good Will from time to time and have had some great finds!! A pure silver sugar and creamer bowl was my best yet! I love buying good wine glasses! I have all different patterns. Also, I love buying homemade knitted or crocheted blankets.

It pains me to see these treasures in thrift stores. I know they take such a long time to make, and it is becoming a lost art. I have bought several over the years and have kept a few and given others to nursing homes or homeless shelters. I am a born and raised southerner I am very knowledgeable on all different styles of glassware, my husband purchased storage units for years and I have sold Lennox as well as others.

Old dishes contain lead in the paint. My exact reason for not buying old beautiful bowls. My must buy item at Thrift Stores are eyeglasses. I pay anywhere from. It is great to bring in the frames and have my own prescription put in them.

The rest I sell on eBay. My family thinks I am crazy, and you can hear the disdain in their voices, for shopping at thrift store. I get a huge kick out of it and have had my own little business on eBay for the last 18 years. I also sell on Craigslist.

I have bought a lot of art from thrift stores. Found a signed Christopher Bloom and his students signature he was obviously teaching. My website is not up yet, but you can find me on Instagram at texaspathfb. Thanks for this idea, those are some great finds. When I was first out of college I was pretty good at hitting thrift shops, buying things I knew had a much higher value than what they were listed at, and then selling them on ebay. I used to make my car payment doing that. I wonder about buying wooden cutting boards.

What if someone used them for raw meat? Since you recommend not using soap agree with that!! I think a little bleach or hydrogen peroxide would take care of that if you were really nervous. This link might be helpful: I have three wonderful cats, five at one moment in time. I look for small glassware bowls- even Crystal.

Cost is usually a quarter each. All animals deserve to be loved. One way is to keep them healthy. A little off subject, but what about the Segway. I was thrilled to add another piece to my Guardian collection! Thanks to thrifting, none of my four kids will ever need to buy Pyrex or Corningware! I love to turn them into throw pillows for the winter.

I felt them in hot water then cut them into squares to make scarves and blankets. My brother works for Goodwill and keeps his eyes open for Tupperware, Corelle, and vintage tea sets. You would be amazed at how much Corelle makes it to our local Goodwill stores.

We have gotten seveal stainless steel pans this way that are in fabulous shape for a fraction of the cost of new. I love to buy useable antiques for the kitchen and agree with most of your list. We have one and no matter how much I wash it, it has a funky BO smell. I like kitchen gadgets.

The old ones last forever. The bowls are great, too, but getting hard to find. Beware of sales; often the prices have been changed. We like to look for these style of bowls!

I found Three pieces at an estate sale for 50 cents each! I snapped them up and sent them into the factory for the lifetime guarantee replacement. They sent me three brand spanking new utensils! Serving spoon, slotted spoon, and hamburger turner. Each valued over fifty dollars!!!!! And I made out like a bandit! Dear Maureen from WISconsin is there another way to pronounce it?

I think I love you.. I guess being raised Catholic I am used to people saying things that are offensive and not even realizing it Oh those Catholics…insert remark here No one is perfect.. There was an 8qt, 3qt and 1qt pots with lids.

There was just some easily removed marking on the bottoms. Tupperware has a life time warranty. Sometimes people get rid of it because it has a small crack in it. You can pick it up for cheap then find someone who sells Tupperware and they can get it replace for you!

Books are great thrift store finds! My daughter loves to read and can stock up on a bunch of books for a few bucks! I look for Waterford. The etched mark is sometimes hard to find, but you will know it when you look at the pattern and by its weight. Vintage doll furniture is a find, too.

I sell one or two pieces on eBay, I recover my costs, and keep the best to use myself or to give as gifts. I scored a Waterford wine decanter at Goodwill. Oh to have that feeling everyday! Such sparkle and weight! My family are avid thrift store shoppers! We all have stories to share about our treasures we find! My latest was a tiffany crystal paperweight. Ive recently started to collect metal, copper or brass vases and containers. They thought i was nuts, i see from your article, these are all collectible again!

They are really beautiful aftet polishing! My sister-in-law said to send them to Goodwill. I asked if I could have them. Now I think I got the steal of a lifetime. Hey watch what the family has before you toss.

It could be a great deal you are tossing. Here in the UK we have Pyroflam which is the stuff that can be used in the oven and top of the stove. I love thrift shops. So I always look for shoes and more for growing kids. Thrift stores are a regular treasure trove for growing kids needs or wants.

Or you can string the flatware to to make a lovely Rain Chain. Check the Pinterest site for more rain chains ideas and how 2s. I also purchased some odd silverware pieces at a thrift store—mostly serving pieces. I had the place sets, but ran out of funds before I could get the service pieces, i.

I use it frequently and enjoy it, and always feel good about the bargain pieces from the thrift store! I love finding Pampered Chef as a consultant adding items to show off for cheap is nice! My grandma collects mustache cups and we have found a few! Dang now I want to go thrifting! I love the nested Pyrex bowls.

Something I have recently discovered is Hazel Atlas dishes. I am particularly interested in the Crinoline scalloped dishes.

Is anyone familiar with these? This has been interesting reading and great ideas. I love the thrift store idea but every time I go all I see are single stem clear flower vases, some plastic flowers, truly awful stuff. Maybe I go on the wrong day after all the good things have been purchased. However I want to share something I actually witnessed about 4 years ago.

Let me first make it clear this was not a Goodwill but it was and is the same kind of store. After having a yard sale, we had a good bit of things left and I hauled them to this place. We had a French provincial bedroom suit, some lamps, baskets, etc. I was directed to the back of the store for drop off. They helped me unload, all was well. As I walked inside the receiving area I was amazed at how large this place actually is.

It was full of enough stuff to furnish a home, everything you would want and very nice things. That was in the back, now let us go to the front of the store, junk, really the junk. I have been to that store several times in the past few years and I have to wonder what happens to the great things that I know must always be in the back. Are they selling it to people who own antique and second hand stores? I wish I knew. Someone told me once, yrs ago, that they pull their antiques in order to get better prices for them.

I love finding leather bound and hardcover classics, and famous modern authors for a fraction of bookstore, or even ebook prices. And, of course, book cases… Now if I could only find a bigger house to keep them all in! My latest Goodwill finds? Almost new toys and clothes for 1 yr old granddaughter. Nice white dishes, serving ware, etc. I am sooo addicted to thrift store shopping! It sounds like you are a fellow thrift store lover.

My list would also include clothing just not used underwear. I just wanted to know what everyone else looks for at a thrift store and I wanted to hear amazing stories about out of this world finds. Geee willy winkers — we now have bickering adults worrying about who is more intelligent at the great divide we call the Mason-Dixon line.

Now what was your greatest find in a thrift store, boutique or shoppe? No matter where you live or what culture you grew up with, all of humanity is made up of a varitable cornucopia of people with all kinds of differences. Variety IS the spice of life. We need stop adding so much Cayenne Pepper into the mix.

I love to shop thrift stores. Recently I bought a Saladmaster stainless steel frying pan and even better, an electric frying pan with lid, in mint condition that had never been used. Unfortunately my local goodwill has raised their prices so high on most things that often you can buy them new for the same price.

A couple years ago they had a worn old couch that they were selling for And their cast iron skillets cost the same as new. My favorite finds there are the bags of towels and rags — assorted towels, washcloths, dishcloths and like things.

I have bought those for 4 times over the years. I also love browsing the book section first — i often find a great non fiction or how to book there. I agree, prices at thrift shops have really gone up! I think overall garage sales and Craigslist have much better deals. You might enjoy this: I think my best treasure at a Goodwill was a large Royal Doulton Tobey mug for 2. I now love going on a Sun. A pretty good all-around selection of casual clothes, summer dresses to more formal wear and business attire.

Along with bathroom accessories, ceramics, kitchen appliances, candles, furniture, cookware, glassware and other home decor items, this store has sure got a wide selection of merchandise at great prices. Some brand names they carry include KitchenAid, Cuisinart and Umbra. Best of all, you can see the products up close and even try some of them out. Roots Factory Outlet Roots has some of end-of-season and clearance merchandise, such as jackets, shoes, bags, accessories and casual clothing for the whole family.

A great spot for saving off the regular prices make sure you catch their sales promotions. If your hosting a party at your home, this is a good place to stop at for platters and drink glasses. I hope this guide on Orfus Road will be beneficial to you. When you get home, you can go through your closet and drawers, organize your old clothes to make room for all the new ones, by giving some to the local Goodwill or charity.

One of the best parts of a visit to Orfus Road is finding that one-of-a-kind item that cost you next to nothing. Multiple visits are recommended. Deals , Orfus Road , Shopping , Toronto. This entry was posted on Thursday, July 5th, at 1: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.

My favorite store so far! Last year my sister bought her wedding dress a store on Orfus Road, wondered if anyone can tell me the name and if it is open on Mondays!!! I saw one in person that bride got here and it was gorgeous. Anyone know the answer? Please help me out!!! Try calling one of the stores to find out the rest usually operate around a similar schedule. The number for Bluenotes Outlet store on Orfus Rd. Been there before on the 26th and left with great deals! Yorkdale opens at 8am tomorrow though, so I would aim to be at Orfus Road around that time.

Hi, i was wondering if there are any shoe stories at orfus? Hi I have never been to orfus road and I wanted to know if there is any stores beside clothes like back to school supplies store or other stores and are ALL the stores? I am new to canada and need to do some shopping for the spring.. I was just shopping on Orfus Rd, and seen a D. T patio furniture store, as I have been looking for a specific dinning room table I thought I would stop to look in.

The store was open, my hubby and I proceeded in as I grabbed the shopping bags he headed towards the restroom and a guy yelled at him from across the store where DJ you think your going?! But are stopped by the ignorant employee in a power trip having a bad day, asking where we were going?.. Yet the store is open and people are entering and exiting the store..

This store clerk should be fired! I am 6 months pregnant and simply looking to refurnish a dinning room and the stress you cause in just a matter of minutes to someone should have you at home jobless! Is there a particular cosmetics store on orfus rd that sells cover fx foundation makeup? Luv Shopping orfus road urban planet favourite always trying to put something together something different my own style luv there fashion even as I get older urban and let chateau always …….. Mail will not be published required.

Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home About Archives Contact. Hours Some of the stores have regular retail hours, but the majority of them are only open until 6pm Monday to Wednesday and close between for the rest of the week.

What to wear Dress for the weather and keep in mind that some of these stores might be a tad humid inside from the mass of shoppers and you might start to sweat while your dashing across the aisle trying to snatch that last red blouse before someone out-races you.

D Alternatively, you can take the subway to Yorkdale, walk through the mall being careful not to spend too much of your Orfus Road money inside , and exit at Sears. Food Ah, yes… a lot of shopping calls for fuel. Money All the stores should have a choice of payment options: The Stores Dollarama My pick of the best bargain, dollar store. July 16, at 6: August 21, at 5: September 12, at September 16, at 7: October 1, at 2: October 7, at 8: December 24, at 8: December 24, at 9: December 26, at January 13, at 7: January 20, at 1:

This online consignment store sells tons of plus size clothing at deep discounts and offers a selection that is a plus size thrifters dream! Sizes up to 38, prices starting around just $2!!! Shopping tip: there is not a plus size section, the easiest way to shop is to filter items by size!!! While the in-house line is super cute, with $40 tunics and $80 dresses, Evans also sells popular plus size brands such as Pink Clove, Koko, and Junarose. Check out the on-trend accessories, such as over-the-knee boots and leather belts for under $ Flaunt your figure in a flattering plus-size bodycon dress, or keep it casual with an easy and effortless skater dress. Our collection of plus-size tops features a wide variety of pieces to pair with your go-to skinny jeans. From dresses and swimsuits to plus-size work clothes and plus-size jeans, we’re a one-stop shop for everything plus, stylish, and affordable.